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Biometry and Statistics majors learn to use quantitative methods to solve problems in the biological, physical, and social sciences. Biometry is the application of statistics, mathematics, computing, and other quantitative methods to phenomena and problems in the life sciences. Statistics is concerned with many aspects of scientific investigations: developing and studying the design and measurement aspects of investigations, executing investigations and collecting numerical information, summarizing the data obtained, and making inferences from the data.

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Career Opportunities

Biometry and Statistics majors have many career opportunities and possibilities for graduate study. Career choices are as varied as the fields of application of statistics. Collecting and using data effectively are vital activities in many organizations. Biometricians and statisticians collaborate in:

  • academic, biomedical, and industrial research
  • theoretical and applied research
  • data analysis from diverse fields
  • censuses and surveys
  • teaching
  • consulting
  • statistical computing
  • actuarial work
  • operations research
  • quality control
  • systems analysis

They are employed in many types of corporations, particularly insurance and actuarial, consulting, marketing research, pharmaceutical, and chemical. Biometricians and statisticians also work in federal, state, and local government agencies, including those concerned with the census, labor statistics, the environment, and agriculture. They are employed in not-for-profit organizations, such as research hospitals, and at colleges and universities as faculty members, research associates, and statistical consultants.

Examples of jobs chosen by recent graduates include:

  • actuarial positions in insurance and in consulting firms (Big Five and smaller firms)
  • statistical analyst at a research hospital
  • research analyst at the Office of Statistical Information of the New York State Assembly
  • assistant portfolio manager and trader at a life insurance company
  • project assistant at a survey and market research company
  • medical marketing analyst at a pharmaceutical service firm